Muscle Pain + Tension

Relieve pain + balance tense muscles

Sports Injuries

Assessment, Treatment + Prevention

Improve Movement

Correct muscle dysfunctions and biomechanics


Stand taller, and feel better!

New to Myotherapy?

Myotherapists are experts in treating soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia). Using evidence based techniques and corrective exercises, we are able to help you correct muscle dysfunction, relieve pain and improve your physical performance.


Here To Help You...

Relieve Pain

From acute sports injuries to chronic lower back pain and headaches, Myotherapy uses techniques to give you immediate pain relief and get you started on the road to recovery.

Correct Posture

Bad posture puts excessive stress on muscles and joints, which can lead to long term dysfunction and pain. We can release your tight and short muscles and give you the exercises to correct and maintain a good posture.

Prevent Injury

Prevention is better than a cure! Treatment can keep your muscles and joints in good health and can find any posture changes and restricted movements before they become a big problem.

Located in the Newport Run With Me gym.

HICAPS available for health insurance rebates.

Ash is able to quickly pick up the trigger point area of my muscles. I would recommend him to all with muscle skeletal issues.


He knows his stuff! Feel better already after just 2 sessions.


Very professional, taking time to explain procedures and treatment with you to ensure you are comfortable


Ash has done an excellent job diagnosing and helping me recover from my injuries.


Ash has a wealth of knowledge and is very 'in tune' with those that he treats.  He is also very personable and I couldn't recommend him enough.