Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. Soft tissue includes your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.  The function of these tissues is assessed to determine the role they play in your presenting condition or injury. 

Treatment focuses on the soft tissue to achieve optimal muscle movement and strength, while reducing pain and restrictions. Treatment may be applied at any stage of a condition from initial concern, rehabilitation and preventative care.

How Does Myotherapy Help?

As every person and condition differs, Myotherapists have a number of techniques available to achieve pain relief and better movement, such as:

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release

Dry Needling


MET Stretching

Corrective Exercise

But before treatment, a thorough assessment is performed. Assessments generally look at posture, movement and muscle strength. This helps figure out what the problem is, what caused it, and which specific areas need to be treated.


What Can Myotherapy Treat?

Any muscle or joint injury can benefit from myotherapy. Common conditions include:

Sports Injuries

Low Back Pain

Tennis/Golfers Elbow


Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain and Tension

Achilles Tendinitis


Knee Pain

Shin Splints

Hand/Foot Numbness and Tingling

Myotherapy is also valuable in maintaining good muscular health to prevent injuries and improve physical performance.




Myotherapy Appointments

If you have any new or multiple conditions, 45 minute or 60 minute appointments are recommended to allow time for adequate assessment and treatment.